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Over the course of the last years, I have come to learn of Cyndi’s remarkably extensive training and experience in dementia care in the Netherlands.
As an emergency room nurse, I was especially interested to hear that Cyndi’s training emphasized adapting the caregiver to the lifestyle of the client instead of having the client do the adjusting.
I know a number of people who have employed Cyndi professionally to care for their parent(s). All of us are in complete agreement as to her wisdom, warmth, skill and compassion in caring for our Moms and Dads who often resist the care they need.
Cyndi hopes to “multiply herself” to create elder-centric caregivers who respect their clients and give peace of mind to their children – like me!

Barb Oeschlegel

I have known Cyndi Viss for nearly four years.  During that time Cyndi was under my employment as the lead caregiver for my elderly mother.  This took place daily in my mother’s home.

She helped manage the house and other secondary caregivers.  She fed, bathed, transported, entertained, and exercised my mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease until her death this past October.  Throughout the time Cyndi was there, she also scheduled in-home doctor, nurse and hairdresser visits.  She also ordered and maintained all necessary prescriptions and filled pill boxes for daily administration for herself and the other caregivers.  Cyndi came to me with a vast amount of experience and knowledge of elder care and specifically of dementia.  Her understanding of the process of dementia and its many stages was invaluable.  She offered many stellar suggestions and implemented great ideas that made Mom’s last years of life comfortable and happy.  She communicated clearly, consistently and thoughtfully with me and the other caregivers.  Her positive attitude and joyful spirit could be felt when you entered the house at any time as I did often and unannounced.  I truly relied on her completely and was never disappointed.  She enabled me to continue my daily life knowing that Mom was getting the best loving care.  The peace of mind she gave me was priceless.  I enjoyed working with Cyndi and she became a “sister” to me always checking on how I was doing with Mom’s declines and offering good advice.  Cyndi always listened to my ideas and suggestions with an open mind and I feel we worked together as a great team.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Cyndi to anyone, as she is honest, hard working, and does all with integrity.

Sylvia Kramer

When it became clear that Mom needed extra help at home and could no longer be left alone, I reached out to a friend of mine who had coordinated in-home care for her Mom.  She immediately recommended Cyndi Viss to me.  I called Cyndi a few days later and she and I met for coffee to talk about my Mom and the level of care she now needed.  Because of Cyndi’s vast experience with dementia patients (the same disease my Mom has), Cyndi knew exactly what questions to ask.  After our initial meeting, which lasted almost an hour, I felt confident that Cyndi and my Mom would “hit it off”.

Not only is Cyndi an experienced care-giver, but she has a “gentle soul” and has a genuine care and concern for not only the family member who needs the care, but for the care-giving family.

After our initial visit, I had no idea the roller-coaster ride I was about to embark.  While I remember Cyndi telling me this would at times be very emotionally draining, I’m not sure anyone could have truly prepared me for the range of emotions I would soon be experiencing.  And yet, Cyndi was always available to help me navigate each new difficult hurdle.   In fact, at one point things got so difficult emotionally that she cleared her schedule one morning just to meet with me.  I truly can not say enough wonderful things about Cyndi and the caring ways she took care of Mom (and me!).

While I never had the privilege of meeting in person, Cyndi’s husband, Norman, my dealings with him regarding the “business-ends” of things were nothing but of utmost professionalism. I so appreciated that he never told me what decision to make but with a voice of clarity and kindness, he helped guide me through each financial decision and was always able to answer all of my questions.

It is clear that both Cyndi and Norman Viss are committed to excellence in their life and work.  They are consummate servant-leaders.  I highly recommend that you consider their services.  I can guarantee that not only will your loved-one be well-cared for, but you will be as well.

Cynthia Rasmussen

I met Cyndi Viss during the most challenging time in my family’s life.  My previously healthy father, and former caretaker of my mother with Alzheimer’s, fell critically ill overnight.  With my only sibling living in Tennessee, I became responsible for two ill parents in a matter of moments. While my dad’s illness required immediate and crucial 24-hour care, decisions, hospital visits and more, my mom’s needs were pushed aside.  I remember so dearly when my mom repeatedly asked me about her ill husband.   I hardly had the emotional and physical capacity to respond as my father was placed in hospice.  I would tell mom that, “we will have to wait and see about dad,” and try to sweep things under the carpet as I did not understand her ability to comprehend.  I watched Cyndi carefully sit down, look at mom and say, “it must be very scary for you to not know where your husband is.  It is so hard when things change so drastically.  How are you feeling?”  It was during this moment when I knew that God had blessed us with Cyndi as she was able to connect with my mom in a way that I was unable to provide.   My mom did not need me to merely humor her, but she needed someone to be compassionate, help her grieve, provide support, and just be there for her.  That person was and continues to be Cyndi.

In addition to Cyndi’s tremendous emotional assistance, she intricately understands the various elements and phases of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  She recognizes each stage that my mom is going through, and offers invaluable suggestions, ideas and encouragement as the Alzheimer’s diseases progresses.

Cyndi proactively provides innovative help and support in areas where I did not even know I needed. For example, she will take my mom shopping for clothes to prepare for the newly approaching seasons as weight loss moves mom out of her former wardrobe.  She will recommend and apply the best lotion brands to moisturize, delicate elderly skin.  She will also organize, straighten and clean my mom’s room so that it is not only tidy, but offers the best living solution which often includes signage to help with navigation.  In addition, Cyndi will provide ‘sign in’ books so that visitors can write notes, and my mom can enjoy reading their warm wishes even though she cannot remember their visit.  Finally, Cyndi recognizes when my mom is in an ‘uncomfortable’ position and alter schedules and scenarios to ensure that my mom is the most at ease.

I can not recommend and personally thank Cyndi enough for the tremendous help she has been during the major life change of my father’s passing, and the progressing needs of my mother.  I take great comfort and reprieve in knowing that my mom is being cared for beautifully by Cyndi.  Overall, I am a better wife, mom, sister, friend and even daughter as a result of Cyndi’s continued care.

Rachel Myers

I am the primary care giver for my mother who has dementia.  My mom lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Maryland and it was getting very difficult for me to provide the increased level of care that she needed, including grocery shopping, banking, medical appointments, hairdresser, veterinarian appointments for her dog, and more.  I needed help but I had no idea where to go and often found myself anxious and depressed. 

A friend referred me to Cyndi Viss with Dementia Companionship Care and told me “I would trust her with my life” and I completely agree. Cyndi has provided excellent care for my mom over the last year – sometimes visiting with her to provide companionship and comfort (and help with jigsaw puzzles), but more often accomplishing many of the tasks listed above that were impossible for me to do from Maryland.  Initially, my mother was very resistant to having a “companion” but Cyndi quickly won her over with her kindness and good humor. 

Cyndi has a deep understanding of dementia and has helped me address my mom’s health, hygiene, and financial issues with common sense, compassion, and empathy.  She has been a true partner to me, helping me to navigate this difficult, complex, and often sad and scary time in our lives.   I don’t know what I would do without her and I’m so grateful for her loving support for my mom and my family.

Amy Carroll